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What's Scratch?

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Whether you're a breeder or rescue org, DogMother members have a direct line of communication with Scratch Founders Mike & Doug.


Free food for every new home

Fret not about your litter's nutrition in their new homes. We'll hook up all of your puppy or rescue families with a free 4kg Starter Pack.

Free Delivery

And 20% off your dog's food

You'll also get bottomless samples and 20% off all Scratch food for your own dogs, delivered fresh to your door.

Scratch Dog Food

3 amazing recipes,
from pup to old gal

We don't need to tell you how much work it is to responsibly breed some of Australia's finest.

You're juggling breed standards, health scores and temperaments alongside kennel management, running a website, and finding the best home for your little ones. You do a lot. And your ordering needs are really different to a ‘normal' customer. Sweat not, we've got this covered.

With DogMother you'll have a very different account to the standard Scratch experience. With such frequently changing dietary needs, we've removed the regular subscription cycle option and given you access to a system that allows you to order what you want, when you want. Even if you have dogs out with families all over the country, DogMother makes it easy to coordinate getting them the healthiest food possible.

Alongside our phenomenal customer service available to all Scratch customers, you'll also have a port straight into the heart, mind and souls of our two founders, Doug & Mike. Oh so VIP!

We'll also be running special events, promotions and offers that are exclusive to our DogMother members. And because we love a dash of mystery…you'll just have to wait and see what they are.

The breeder program you didn't know you were waiting for

DogMother is here to make breeder & rescue life easier and their nutrition simpler.

Our healthy Australian food can help your dogs and their litters will grow up with a stronger immune system and the best chance at a long life.

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