The ins & outs of Australia’s best breeder program.

Your Breeder Account

How do I become a DogMother registered breeder?

It’s easy. Fill out the application form here and we’ll get back to you in 48hrs. You’ll see that we are only accepting ANKC or Responsible Pet Breeders registered breeders at this stage. However, if you feel you have a good case for not fulfilling this requirement, we’re always happy to consider you. Hit us up at breeders@scratchpetfood.com.au

I’ve filled out the application form, now what?

Be patient (but don’t worry, not too patient). Our dedicated Breeder Support legends will get back to you in under 48 hrs Monday to Friday with your application status. They’ll often respond much sooner than that, but 48hrs is our promise to you.

If I’m unsuccessful at applying, can I try again?

Yes, for sure. We’ll make sure we’re really transparent if your application isn’t successful and if you’re able to meet the requirements at a later date, we’d love to have you join us.

Why are you only accepting ANKC or Responsible Pet Breeders registered breeders?

We’re thoughtful people who want to make sure that anything we’re involved with doesn’t aid preventable health or welfare concerns. Unfortunately though, we don’t have the time to assess each breeders way of business and breeding standards.

The ANKC and Responsible Pet Breeders are Australia’s leading organisations enacting clear and transparent breeding requirements so we can sleep easy. Of course it means that we miss out with breeders who do things ethically and with great concern for the bitches and puppies but without certification, it’s too much to assess every individual case.

I have a few questions, how can I get in touch with the DogMother team?

Easy, you can hit us up at the dedicated DogMother email address breeders@scratchpetfood.com.au. And while we don’t have a phone number listed, if you let us know you’d like a call we’ll be on the dog and bone to chat when you need us.

How do I order samples? And how much are they?

It’s all inside your DogMother account. From the dashboard you will have a menu on the right hand side. Third down you’ll see ‘Request Samples’. From there it’s oh so straight forward. Enter how many or each recipe you’d like, hit send and you’re away.

I have breeding stock at two or three different addresses, do I need two different accounts?

Nope! You will have the option of adding several addresses to your account and saving them. When you place your bulk order you’ll be able to send 16kg to Mary, 32kg to Freddie and 48kg to Ringo. Easy peasy.

How much does a box of Scratch cost for DogMother breeders?

All Scratch products are available with a 20% discount for registered and approved DogMother breeders. Samples are free!

What are the benefits of DogMother?

Where do we begin! How about:

  • 20% off all food for your pack
  • Free 4kg Puppy Starter Pack of any Scratch recipe for every family purchasing from you
  • A direct customer service line to Scratch founders Doug & Mike for any specialised questions or support you might have
  • Samples at the touch of a key
  • An ordering system designed for the unique needs of a breeder

How do I set up my puppy owner’s accounts?

Once you’re in your DogMother dashboard you’ll see a little menu to the right. Third down….Register new puppies. All you need is the name, email address, phone number for each customer and if you prefer your puppies start on a particular Scratch recipe you can nominate this too. From there we’ll be in touch with them directly to organise their free food, feeding guide and welcome party.

How much is shipping to my postcode?

We ship Australia-wide using Toll and TNT – two carriers who offer competitive rates for bulk orders to the rural areas that most breeders call home. Pricing varies by region and start from as little as $6 per 16kg inner-city.

Our Food

Can I order in bulk?

You sure can. In your dashboard you’ll have the option to nominate how many bags of each recipe you’d like and there’s no limit. For now we are only able to provide our food in 4kg bags so for example while buying 16kg of food, you’d receive 4x 4kg bags.

Are your ingredients sourced from within Australia?

As much as humanly possible, yes! Our Turkey, Lamb & Beef recipe is made up of 97% Aussie sourced ingredients, compared to 83% for our Kangaroo recipe. We source coconut oil, pea protein and a few other trace minerals & vitamins from trusted overseas suppliers.

Tell me more about the sustainability of the meat in your recipes

Ok. Our Kangaroo meat is wild, and we only source from suppliers that comply with the commercial harvesting code of conduct. The Roo meat is processed for human consumption and comes only from NSW & QLD, as these states have sustainable managed populations.

Scratch Turkey meat (frames and organs) is again human consumption standards from Inghams and contains no added hormones and is all sourced within Australia. We have been trying to source RSPCA approved or guaranteed free range but haven’t yet been able to.

Our Lamb is all Aussie grown and pasture raised with no added hormones and pasture raised.

We use Beef Liver and Beef Fat, and while from Australian human consumption animals we can not guarantee that it is 100% grass fed or hormone free.

Our Salmon Oil comes from Tasmania produced by Huon which we consider the best environmental operator there.

How do I transition my pack onto to Scratch?

Slow is best. We suggest 7 days for most dogs, and 14 if they have really sensitive digestive systems. Here’s the ratio we’ve found works best

Day 1 & 2 – 25% Scratch
Day 3 & 4 – 50% Scratch
Day 5 & 6 – 75% Scratch
Day 7 – 100% Scratch

When can I start feeding Scratch to puppies?

Puppies can have access to solid food starting at about four weeks when they’re not able to get all the calories they need from their mother’s milk. Most puppies are weaned by 6 weeks.

What’s included in a puppy starter pack?

  • 4kg of any Scratch recipe
  • a scoop
  • a pack of peanut butter treats
  • milestone cards (for cute pics)
  • and a Scratch Puppy Binder.

How long should I soak the kibble for new puppies?

Soaking Scratch can help new puppies while they develop their teeth and jaw strength. It’s totally up to you how much water you add and how long you soak for and some won’t need it at all. For a full mash Scratch experience we suggest soaking our food for up to 15 minutes in warm water before serving to little tykes. You can gradually reduce how much water you are adding as you see your puppy able to eat the kibble better.

Don’t puppies need special puppy food that caters to their nutritional needs?

Most dog food brands load up puppy food with all the good stuff and then strip back on nutrition once they’re mature. We reckon that’s a bit dodgy. Scratch recipes grow as they do with three 100% nutritionally complete options for all life stages.

I’m a breeder of large dogs (over 30kgs) which recipe will be best suited to my litters?

Turkey, Lamb and Beef baby! Whilst our two single protein options are pretty epic, we don’t recommend them as their calcium:phosphorous levels are a touch too high for big boys and girls. Stick with Turkey, Lamb and Beef for the first 12 months. They can move on to our famous Sensitive Kangaroo and Lamb with Ancient Grains recipes once they’ve grown to their maximum height.

Who formulated your recipes?

Our recipes have all been developed by qualified animal nutritionists with Master degree qualifications. They’re all formulated to meet the nutritional requirements set out in the AAFCO guidelines. We also conduct testing on our finished product to make sure that also meets their nutritional standards (and they do!)

How big is your kibble?

All of our kibble is classed as medium sized and ranges from 10-14mm. Our Kangaroo recipe tends more towards the 10mm size and the other two recipes: Lamb with Ancient Grains and Turkey, Lamb and Beef edge more towards the 14mm size.