Scratch, For Puppies

Quality kibble for A-grade pups

Puppy in box

Time to move on from the milkbar? No probs. Ankle biters can join Mum at the dinner bowl when they’re ready for solids.

All 3 of our recipes are 100% nutritionally complete for puppies, and our Turkey, Lamb & Beef recipe suitable for large-breed puppies.

Soak Scratch to form a puppy friendly mash. As their teeth and jaw strength develop, reduce how long and how much you soak for. Before you know it, they’ll be crunching Scratch like Arnie Schwarzenegger.

Scratch carries them right through from itty bitty hood to big kid. No more specialised puppy food and complicated instructions for your new puppy owners. It’s all inside a bag of Scratch, and comes with the dedicated support of our customer service team and their own personalised food plan.

Chuck out the dog food catalogue, and let it be easy again.

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