Leading a new wave of food that puts dogs first

Pet food is broken and we’re out to fix it – from scratch.

Our Story

The Scratch Story

You might know Mike and Doug. They’re the two little guys changing the face of Aussie dog food with Scratch Pet Food.

Scratch Founders

For the last few years they’ve been busy building the most trusted brand of dog food in Australia. So far, these legends have:

  • Nailed down supply chain issues using only the highest quality ingredients.
  • Developed and launched three epic kibble recipes, six treats and a heap of cool toys and accessories
  • Grown the team to 13 strong, including a world class customer service team
  • Become the first B-Corp Certified dog food company in Australia
  • Donated over $500,000 to climate action and dog welfare through their Paws for the Planet program
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Australian through and through

We’re Australian-owned and made, with 97% of Scratch sourced from local suppliers we know with meat you can trust.

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Proudly, sustainably independent

Dog food isn’t the only thing that needs fixing. We believe work should be calm, rewarding and flexible.

That’s why we deliberately keep things small and sustainable, we work remote but Zoom often and we always stop to pat dogs.

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Better for your pup, and the planet

Sustainable ingredients are just the start. We also donate 2% of our revenue towards environmental and dog welfare charities. It’s just how we do business.

Doin’ our bit

And now it’s time to look after the peeps (and bitches) bringing us the little tykes we all love so much.

Introducing DogMother – a dedicated Scratch HQ for top notch Aussie dog breeders. The boys know that growing little ones is a big job, so they’ve designed a breeder program that makes the whole thing easier and well… just… better. From dedicated customer support, delivery straight to your door, free puppy packs for all litters, discounted food for your bitches, and a dashboard that allows maximum flexibility with orders, they’ve got it covered!

Also, we ‘get’ that not all dog breeders are cut from the same cloth. We know backyard breeding is rife in Australia, dodgy puppy sales go down on marketplace every single day and the abandoned puppy toll continues to climb. That’s why you’ll see we have an application process and we may reach out to make sure only the cream of the crop get access to…the cream of the crop.

DogMother is here to reward the good guys. The ones taking the time to consider breed standards, health and wellbeing before the bank balance. We’re here for the responsible dog breeders who are bringing only the healthiest, soundest and happiest little vegemites to the world.